Quarantine Reflections

“COVID-19 has molded us to be constantly vigilant about the epidemiological features of our face. We cover our airways while in public, we keep hands and face apart, we carry our bodies away from others, and we avoid blowing air towards them. After waves of denial and resistance, we eventually don a mask. Unable to meet in real life, we show our faces to each other over compromised video conference software, as insecure as malware. “Facial grids” are now our public spaces. The way in which we look at each other has changed forever.”  —Chiara Di Leone, Luiza Crosman, Pierce Myers, Anastasia Sinitsyna  Face as infrastructure in Strela Mag

Melissa  Ballesteros/ Nataly Valencia Rozo/ Nathalie Villares/ Maddalena Negrini/ Maria Isabel Arango Velasquez/ Maria Isabel Uscher/ Marta  Jaramillo/ Karolina Rosas Espinosa/ Hyunjo Kwon/ Isabela Linares/ Gabriela Noriega/ Ana Mora/ Anne Graaff/ Carol Montealegre/ Daniel Madero/ Daniela Serrano/ Gonzalo Fuenmayor/ Ben Sudjaitham/ Natalia Escallon/ Juan Pablo Torres/ Valentin Wedde/ Sofia Lozano

Gonzalo Fuenmayor
Gonzalo Fuenmayor Anne Graaff
Maddalena Negrini
Sofia Lozano Martha Jaramillo
María Isabel Uscher
María Isabel Arango

Nataly Valencia
Ben Sudjaitham
Natalia Escallón
Melissa Ballesteros
Karolina Rosas
Juan Pablo Torres

Nathalie Villares La profe

Carol Montealegre
Hyunjo Kwon
Maddalena Negrini María Isabel Arango

Daniela Serrano
Juan Pablo Torres

Anne Graaff
Part of Explore ID: Covid-19, London Interdisciplinary School, 2020