Ricardo Rodriguez


Ricardo Rodríguez, his wife, two daughters and a son-in-law make the big heads. “Los Cabezones” are a group of people with huge papier-mache heads who dance merrily to the rhythm of the drums that flood Via 40 during the “batalla de las Flores'' and the “Gran Parada”. During the year Ricardo looks for clay, molds it, bakes it with firewood for three days, then lays in the sun for two more days. They put paper on the heads, add plaster with stucco, let them dry for another two days, and finally paint. Rodriguez has managed to maintain the tradition of his family when making these pieces. Characters from sports, politics and entertainment are part of the group of characters that become walking cartoons at the carnival.
More: https://www.eltiempo.com/colombia/barranquilla/tradicional-disfraz-de-los-cabezones-39321