Olaf Breuning
United States

Olaf Breuning is a contemporary Swiss artist. In his works, Breuning introduces viewers to surreal and humorous worlds through performance, film, sculpture, and drawing. Breuning looks to pop culture for inspiration, adding hints of lightness and humor to his work. Olaf creates videos, sculptures, drawings, and installations that investigate kitsch, appropriation, cliche, and popular culture, and hint at a collective visual iconography. In "The Art Freaks," a series of color photographs, Breuning painted the bodies of nude models to evoke the distinctive styles of artists such as Pablo Picasso, Francis Bacon, and Jackson Pollock, questioning our relationship with alleged "masterpieces," as well as our experience mediated them through reproductions. Photography for Breuning is an incredible way of telling stories, it is a fundamental part of his work. “My work can also be very sarcastic, even negative about life, but I maintain a positive spirit to tell things. Otherwise, he could grab a gun and shoot me. Life is a bit desperate, so it's really a question of what approach you take" Olaf Breuning.