NEXT EDITION 02/12-13/2022

When all the carnival cultural manifestations lost the possibility of taking to the streets, many artists, and artisans saw the events that gave meaning to their work disappear. Carnaval Digital was born during the lockdown of 2020, when worldwide carnivals were all canceled,  in an attempt to build a new space for these communities and their traditions to reconfigure their practices from between the current context of the world and its accelerated digitization.

We are a group of artists based in Latin America, the UK, the USA, and Switzerland. We asked communities and artists from Ghana, Mexico, Switzerland, Germany, France, the USA, Colombia, Belgium, UK, and the Netherlands to send us performances created following social distancing rules. We asked the public to participate in our parade from their home making a digital street of continuous performances, we had artists teaching us how to create masks with materials found in our homes. Artists created performances in empty galleries, deserted streets, or zoom meetings. Some performances continue to live online, others disappear, we invited caos. We curated a collection of texts written from the point of view of the mask and created an index of artists -mostly from the global south- that work around the idea of the mask.

In this year edition, and after the global experience of the pandemic, we are building a Carnaval Digital around the need to heal, to break the blockchain,  to reconnect, to reconfigure the self, to call the spirits, to cleanse, to remove the salt, to scare away the bad “juju”... We are  inviting performances that explore these themes and  translate these rituals into the digital space. We want to continue to explore the role of the mask in the current ecosystem and the place of dance and movement in a socially distant world.

How to participate
  1. Fill up this format.
  2. Send your performance or Digital art works to and only to with the subject line:  Performance + Title. (e.g. Performance Name) we are unable to accept any performance or art work via wassup or instagram. For large files please use wetransfer or google drive. All files must be named with your performance title, for multiple files please name each file with the performance title followed by a numerical ( e.g. performancename1.mp4, performancename2.mp4)  We suggest the use of original or copyright free music to avoid being blocked or silenced by social media platforms.
  3. Performances must be up to 5 minutes long. If your performance is longer please email us with a proposal for consideration.
  4. All performance and activities must follow your local government covid guidelines.
  5. We like when you wear a mask.
  6. All materials are due on January 15th 2022
  7. All material we’ll be review and approved by the Carnaval Digital Oracle
  8. Any questions please feel free to email us at

Performance schedule will be posted on January 30th on all platforms.