Nora Renaud

#DIAGNOSISISCARNAVAL is the title of an hashtag that was created in march 2019 in Bogotá and first celebrated in the swiss alps during the carnivals (ex: Tschäggättä in Lötschental, Arolla, Fastnacht, Basel) Every 6 months , Diagnosis is Carnaval , creates new hand made masks and costumes for its double avatar *to animate  and load the hashtag with its “hyper existence” and share a “Real reality” through  “social individual” memories that are printed on postcards (traditional swiss format of communication) The avatars promote in various places of the world, the end of the internet and ¨activate¨ the most ¨successful¨ mental disorders of their time : Bipolarity,depression,Iad (cyber addiction) etc.. their features use the symbol of these disorders that Wikipedia proposes to illustrate them and the form of the mask represents the shape of a “user”profile that Fbook attributes to users without selected profile pictures or the shape of the blue chat bubbles used in messenger to communicate etc.. This every 6 months production becomes like a mantra that assimilates personal data of this double avatar among the great hashtags ramification where Nora Renaud condenses all her work since 2014 inside her account : norarenaud_hyperanalogist The “persona” of the mask inverses her role and the mask becomes the persona and a mask again , there is no more duality between the two , the allegory is left behind the “virtual reality” mask is replaced by the “real reality”mask in hyperconnectivity.