Laura Lima

Laura Lima centers her artistic production on thinking about the body: as a support, as a reference and as a double of the art object. With its architectural environment specially designed for this assembly, Novos Costumes recreates, in the exhibition space, a store with several pieces within the reach of visitors. It is a collection of “wearable” sculptures, made in transparent vinyl, which are activated when they are tried on. These works are part of a group of works by Laura that needs the performance and involvement of the public to materialize. The issues of the body are posed through contact with the other and in the fusion that clothes make with those who wear them. As long as Laura's customs escape classification, they are not always easy to use and do not belong to the everyday universe of clothing. In certain cases, they accompany the body's organicity. In others, it challenges it, proposes postures, limits movements and generates interconnections with other people. Through their complex repertoire of shapes, all of them extracted from the plane, and procedures for cutting, merging and overlapping, the New Customs approach the refinement of the Baroque and the minutiae of haute couture.