Anamorphosis´ Journeys,

A Research on Human Creatures
Susana Botero Santos - CzechRepublic

Anamorphosis´ Journeys is part of Human creatures; a research on human body, textile design and performance that Susana started in 2019. It is an exploration of the body, with the body and for the body. Body as medium to shift identity, to touch vanity, intimacy, sexuality, eroticism and beauty. A medium with traces of fragility and joy. What are the present stories of our bodies? The corporeal matter that we have now is the accumulation of past stories. Also, the present of our bodies is ephemeral and it is a struggle to frame it in one specific identity. Identity is more of a costume…than can be worn or removed. B

y exposing her person journey, Susana opens the space to oth

er´s human creatures body stories.

Directed by Susana Botero Santos
Dramaturgical Consultation: Cristina Maldonado and Petra Hauerova
Human creatures: Richard Janča, Mara Ingea, Daniel Victoria, Daniel Gibran Victoria Mancilla, Michał Salwiński, Snæfríður Sól Gunnarsdóttir
Original music from Andrés Silva Diaz Photo

graphy: Enzo Perrier and Susana Botero
Research support: Andrés Silva, Howard Lotker, Lorena Méndez Barrios, Tomáš Janypka, Eliana Sanchez, Keya Singh, Alena Novotná, Rodrigo Pereira, Marie Wolfova, Adéla Gajdošová and Hrdličkovo muzeum člověka

Recorded in city of Prague and The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Theatre Faculty (DAMU)