To hide in one's own bodyTo only be that body Neither centurid nor mermaid.
To lend one's own presence to oneselfTo be the same, that who encompasses everything inside, which seems to be continuousTo deny that linearity.
To know that others can only see appearance and recognize me in itTo embody appearance and perform itTo become only appearanceA mask without appearance.
A scene: The teacher with her student, who is a boy taking refuge in a city in Europe. They pretend to be cats for the boy to practice the language of the place they are. They are two cats speaking german. They say what they are going to do and then they do it: "let's eat!", "let's drink milk!", "let´s scratch each other!". But sometimes what happens between children --when the space of the game needs to be interrupted to redirect it-- happens here: "Wait, now let´s say that (...)" and they keep playing. after some time the boy got tired of doing cat things and suggested to do things that cats can´t do. OK?--Bereit? One, two, three --eins, zwei, drei. The boy makes the shape of a telephone by clenching his fist and extending both the thumb and pinky fingers. Approaching that hand to his right ear he says: "Meow, Hello? --Miau, Hallo!

Word and gesture as masks.Translation as the mask of the word´s meaningTranslations as the masks of the word´s meaningAccent as the enemy of the mask, as its traitor.

The reverse of the mask in contact with the skin of the faceThat place is the only encounterBut the face is also the mask.

The mask as the moment of all that one is not.

* Ana Mustafá Colombian, Art Historian with a Master in Cultural Analysis.