Burning ‘rona 2020
Diana Martinez
Eric Amaya
Rogelio Castillo
Christophe Gallot

Carnaval Digital is  a platform that connects carnival practices in one space, an interface between virtual and analog masquerade practices, encouraging traditional, experimental and digital communities to think about how they could exist as digital territory and how they could use their creative minds to experiment, deconstruct and rebuild the ideas about the carnival.

A carnival, more than a party, is a masquerade, a critical time-space with reality and all the institutions, social structures, states, models, and dynamics that constitute it. Our mission is to show the global connected diversity of the present exploring and celebrating the existence of rituals from communities living in the current  hyperconnected global system.  


When all the carnival cultural manifestations lost the possibility of taking to the streets, traditional communities, artists, and artisans saw the events that gave meaning to their work disappear. Carnaval Digital was born during the lockdown of 2020, when worldwide carnivals were all canceled,  in an attempt to build a new space for these communities and their traditions to reconfigure their practices from between the current context of the world and its accelerated digitization.

Create by  Camilo Pachon, Diana Martinez y Nora Renaud.